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Related packages

Window Treatments

Custom window treatments
(starts at 300 for the initial consultation)
Are you ready for custom window treatments? We have drapes, blinds, shades, all the layers to give that custom finished look to your windows. Nothing finishes up a room like window dressings.
We measure with our industry suppliers to ensure a custom fit and design a look complete with hardware, details and layers – or not, if simplicity is your style! We can design roman shades, drapery panels, and valances tailored to fit your windows if that's your style. I will select the fabrics, necessary linings, hardware, and style of each treatment.
The process:

  1. We will schedule a video consult to assess your needs.
  2. Next, we need to measure. My pros if you are local, or I will send you my professional window treatment measuring guide if we are working remotely.
  3. Once we have the measurements and your style preferences, and designs have been approved, we order the fabrics and any hardware for hanging your drapes or shades and my workroom will construct the treatments.
  4. I provide all necessary instructions to the work room, and then schedule the installer to come and install the treatments for you.
  5. Window treatments, hardware, and installation will all be quoted prior to purchase.

Custom window treatments will change your life or at the very least your room. They not only look good, they provide light blocking, insulation, and style to your room. They are the one thing that dresses up your room like nothing else can!
Fee is design fee only and the minimum. Your fees will be determined once we know more about your needs, and your preferences.

Related packages