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E-Design Room Refresh

Do you dream of a room that is all pulled together, know what you like, but just don't know how to get there? This package shows you how to do just that. Let us create a designer inspired guide starting with your key pieces of furniture. We create a guide for you to achieve the look - you take all the compliments.
E-Design single room refresh – Decorating a room isn't as easy as popular tv shows make it look. Where to begin? What colours to use?
Do you have a few key pieces of furniture you want to use but need help to pull your room together? Perhaps a new layout, a rug, some artwork and accents will breathe new life into your room. This is for you if you just don’t have the time or the talent to finish your room but don't need to start from scratch.
Just by accessorizing and adding to your foundation pieces we can pull your room together.
What's included:

  1. A style sheet or mood board to show you your personal result with perfectly coordinated accessories, accents, and pieces we've picked to show you how your room will look.
  2. Paint colour suggestions for you to sample.
  3. Links to order the items we have selected for you.
  4. A idea of what we might pick out for you can include any or all of the following depending on your needs.
  • area rug
  • coffee table
  • end table
  • coordinated accent pillows
  • throws
  • lamps
  • paint colours
  • Tips and instructions to put your room together

Prices start at $999.00