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How to Buy a Better Sofa (Limited time pricing)

With a family heritage 100 years strong in the furniture industry, I grew up observing the industry from the inside. Now you can benefit from my unmatched knowledge.
Our complete guide for how to identify quality and good workmanship when buying a sofa, a sectional, or any upholstered furniture piece is ready for you to begin learning.
This course is for you if you whether you are a homeowner wanting to make better furniture investments, or you are a new decorator or designer wanting to make better recommendations to your clients. It will help you invest in timeless pieces and create a room that you are proud of. Learn to recognize the quality of a piece and to choose furniture that you can enjoy for many years to come.
Maybe you are feeling:

  • embarrassed to entertain in your home
  • worried about investing in furniture that will stand up to real life, pets, kids
  • overwhelmed with choices and styles
  • worried about recommending a sofa to clients for fear of making a mistake (new designers/decorators)
  • tired of being shopped online (new designers/decorators)

Let me guide you to making more informed purchases whether you are a homeowner or being able to talk confidently when selling high-end furniture to clients so they understand the value of the investment you are recommending.
What's inside:

  1. the inside of a sofa and how it's put together
  2. understand the anatomy of a well-built sofa
  3. understand why some sofas online cost less
  4. where to splurge and where to save when putting a room together
  5. a primer on sofas
  6. what style works where
  7. what to know about fabrics
  8. so much more…..

BONUS: this includes the Checklist for "Purchasing Better Furniture" (also sold separately).

Related packages