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Upholstery VIP Session

$650.00 CAD

(Plus applicable taxes)

I get it. You want to create a home that the children will come home to, and bring the grandchildren, but you just aren't finding what you want in the stores.
Or maybe you want to travel the world and explore exotic regions, but don't want to return to a place that feels as great to come home to.
This is your opportunity to work with a senior designer to purchase a sofa or sectional for your own home.*
What's included?

  • 90 minute virtual kick-off meeting to get to know you and discuss your needs
  • Trip with Judith or one of our senior designers to escort your visit where we will work with you to select a sofa that is perfect for you!
  • Access to styles and options not available in any retail store
  • Guidance on fabric: access to thousands of fabrics to find the one that is ideal for your lifestyle, and style
  • Prior to our VIP session you will be provided with a guide to help you measure your space, guide to correctly photograph your space, a workbook to explore your needs fully, a link to our quiz to discover your personal style
  • Be sure and take our style quiz, and write down your result. We will need to know your result!
*available to clients in the GTA only

Our Process for Selecting the Best Furniture for You
Believe it or not, getting furniture customized to your needs isn’t impossible nor is it cost-prohibitive. That’s right! With our proven process for creating the perfect pieces for our clients and with extensive options, we can help you avoid frustration and costly mistakes while providing exactly what you need.
Step 1: Determine Your Style
We want your new pieces to fit seamlessly into your room giving a cohesive overall design, so we help you determine which style of furniture will go with your aesthetic, whether that means a sofa with a traditional rolled arm or a more  contemporary track arm.
Step 2: Take Measurements
You wouldn’t believe the number of calls we receive that begin with “I just got a new sofa, and it doesn’t fit.” Shoppers will typically see a sofa in enormous, spacious showrooms, and naturally, it looks small. However, when that sofa comes home, it sits there like the elephant in the room and takes up more space than you imagined it would. We make sure to take measurements and select the right size.
Step 3: Personalize Cushions
Once the size is determined, we can then decide on the cushion configuration. One, two, or three seats, and the level of firmness for the cushions are all things we can customize. Aesthetics, style, comfort, all factor in. Do they need more or less space? How many people live there? Do you entertain often? Etc. We will talk about your needs and I will guide you through the pros and cons of your decisions.
Step 4: Final Details & Installation
In this step, we’ll decide on all the details that make a piece unique and special including welting, nail-heads, skirt-style, style of feet, color, and any additional elements like contrasting fabrics. Your furniture will contribute to the overall conversation between the pieces in your home and stand the test of time.
Step 5: Order processing and delivery
Then, we’re ready to place the order for you, oversee delivery, and have it installed it in your home!

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