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Designer for a Day

Is our Designer for a Day service for you?

What’s involved (the broad strokes)?
There are many people who don’t have a big budget but want great results. That’s where our “Designer for a Day” plan can help. It is affordable, easy and will re-charge your home to give you the results you want.
What we do (the details) …
In a nutshell, you decide.

  • We can come with you to a retail store (or stores) to assist you in making solid choices with the assurance they will fit your home and your style. Many people get overwhelmed at big stores like Elte or West Elm. We get it! There are so many beautiful things. We spend the time together targeting specific purchases you need to make but with a trained eye to lead you through the options.
  • Alternately, if you are considering a renovation, this can be a great way to hone in on your materials and finishes, selecting as many of the elements as we can in the time set aside. Many homeowners glaze over at the myriad of tiles, flooring, and other material selections when renovating.
  • A third option can be done at your home. We spend an intensive day together and come up with a plan for you to implement. We spend the time together with you rearrange furniture (on paper – we’re not mighty), styling shelves bookcases, or mantles, picking out paint colours, and generally “refreshing” your home.

A fit for you if …
This is ideal for you if you want:

  • A focused effort to achieve a specific result. Our experience can make this an efficient way to power through a lot of design decisions and get your project moving forward quickly.
  • Some homeowners like to visit the to-the-trade showrooms to get inspiration and see the high-end furniture and furnishings only available to designers. We can take you and show you all the behind-the-scenes beauty you may have never seen before.

What will it cost?
Designer for a Day bookings are $1,200 for a six hour day plus the initial consultation.
What can we look at?
To name a few things:

  • Flooring options / selecting hardwood
  • Floor or wall tiles
  • Backsplash and grout recommendations
  • Countertops and profile selection
  • Cabinetry finish/colour/style and hardware
  • Lighting
  • Paint colours for walls, ceiling & trim
  • Plumbing fixtures: faucets, sinks, tubs and shower controls
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Lighting
  • Rugs

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